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    The popularity of Elizabeth Gilbert's 2006 memoir "Eat Pray Love'' is just beyond reason. A well-to-do woman takes off on an around-the-world journey, exploring "the art of pleasure in Italy, the art of devotion in India, and in Indonesia, the art of balancing the two", as she states in her bestseller. However, the author loaded all her coming-from-no-where psychological struggle and non-stop grief into the book so shamelessly that it's a mystery how it became an instant hit worldwide.

      Yes, my facebook status last couple of days was: Eat, Pray, Love – false spirituality, fake feminism, total bullshit..
      And there are famous chinese and western commentors that seem to agree with me on it. =)
      Eat, Pray, Love is a book and a movie about a woman who ditched her husband, go travelling to find herself, which in fact is to have a long vocation full of self-indulgence, eating in Italy, so-called praying in India and finding a rich man in Bali, and then go on to claim that she eventually reached self enlightenment.
      The story is an insult to anyone out there in this world who take enlightenment seriously, who conduct real studies on philosophy, science, religion, art and hard meditation on life and everyday experience to be able to even just a little bit more enlightened. It's also an insult to real feminism, no matter how this work strives to pitch independence of women, coz in the end of the story, the only thing that seemed to rescue the main character is still a rich man and a romantic relationship. I am not saying feminism is to reject men totally, but to have a collected, independent and strong spirit so that man and romantic relationships are not solely the kind of things that a woman ever worries about. And for any women that don't understand what responsibility means can not even declare herself to be a mature adult let alone the equality that true feminism entails.
      So honestly I don’t buy into any of those. Unfortunately we are living in a real world, not everyone is privileged and financially adequate enough to go on a trip like that and not work at all for a year or so to find oneself. The story is about self-indulgence, it's after all another cheap promoter of global consumerism at best, shopping your way to enlightenment, spending is helpful means to find yourself, girls.
      I'd rather suffer my way to enlightenment. Simple life, no Gucci bags, no iphone, no expensive trips, no fancy restaurants. Through the great wisdom of Laozi and Plato, I try to realize where I am coming and where I am going. I embrace pain. It is my great fortune. I hold on to my belief. "Who speaks of victory", as once said by Rainer Maria Rilke, "Enduring is everything"!

    After watching this movie for about thousands of times, one thing is certain, that I obviously developed a relationship with this film.
        It is just baffling to me when I saw those commentaries on Douban website that lots of people said that "Eat, Pray, Love" sucks. Maybe as Liz said in this movie that :"it is not everyone's cup of tea." Whatever, it is my cup of tea.
        The best segment I love in this movie is the one when Liz explain to her African friend why she planned to go traveling:
        "I used to have this appetite for my life and it has just gone. I want to go someplace I can marvel at something: languages, spaghetti,ice-cream,and so on. I am going to Italy, and I am going to India to have meditation, and I am going to end the year in Bali. This is what I gottan to do."
        In the real life of our own, we are so trapped in the lives we ourselves have created. We are actually suffering from it, aren't we? Dare you go traveling all by yourself right now, on the condition of leaving everything we possessed alone and leaving every friends we met alone? This will be a tough call for most of us, right? Precluding the hostess in this movie, Liz.
        Obviously, Julia plays a brilliant role in this film. Liz travel to 3 places around the world, which have totally different cultures. What was she doing? I told myself that she is searching herself in traveling. She was afraid of the current person she would be from now on. She felt that she needed to change. So do we! At least, so do I.
        Every morning I get up, I feel no passion. I go to the same classroom to study, sit with the same guys, learning from the same teachers, eating with the same person, watch the same roommates playing computer games in front of me, go to the same floor in the campus library to read, read the same books everyday, and go to bed at the same time. What what sucks most is that another identical day is coming after 8-hour sleeping time.
        Is this the person I would be from now on? Is the the exact life I longed to having when I was in high school time? Definitely there is a big NO. Nevertheless, I have lose myself in the one-and-half-year college time. The whole life I am leading now consist of three things: reading, computer, and sleeping. Goodness me, I obviously need a mighty change, like Liz did in this film.
        There are some many things I'd love to do. I never thought these before I saw the film "Eat Pray Love." All these ideas derive from what the hostess had done.
        I want to buy myself some new clothes from emoi.
        I want to sleep in a hotel for one night alone, quietly and reassuringly.
        I want to make a meal for myself, and of course a cup of coffee.
        I want to sing songs on the platform bridge.
        I want to finish the movie <Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close>.
        I want to eat pizza once a week.
        I want to read books under sun shining.
        I want to fix up all the screwed-up relationship with previous friends.
        I want to have a minority-ethnic style necklace.
        I want to give my best friends a big hug every time I meet them.
        I want to go traveling to Europe, whichever the exact countries it might be.
        I want to have a further study on sociology in American.
        I want to learn Spanish.
         Such is life.

        This movie is about a women self-discovering herself. Juliet Roberts acts a wrtier who ends a ten year marriage. Soon she felt in love with a young handsome man. They have some romantic and happy time and she felt losing herself again.
        The life is suffocating. She decides to take a one-trip to Italy, India where she experienced different life and see her troubles in a new way.
         The story is like a journey of self-discovery. Cast aside troubles and embrace a new world. During the process, you may find what you really want and be good with what you are.
         The theme of the movie is popular and meaningful. However, the story just moves too slow and sometimes, audiences are confused about why the leading role could start an unserious relationship so quickly and soon want to dump it. She plays with other person but looks like a victim. Maybe she did not present herself in a good way.

    Now Hollywood has given the novel an incarnation and pins its box office hope on the charismatic actress Juliet Roberts. Nevertheless, it is still a thin story on screen.
    Directed by Ryan Murphy, the movie "Eat Pray Love" adheres to the original memoir. While trying to get pregnant, a happily married woman realizes her life needs to go in a different direction. After a painful divorce, she begins her global trudge.

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    Then we see the lead actress ride on elephants in tropical jungles, meditate whole-heartedly, eat a lot of pasta, and cry again and again. But why did she cry at all? It's a sure thing that she has money otherwise she couldn't have spent a whole year traveling. It might be just a case of the seven year itch but why does she have to exaggerate the pain? Such a romantic story associated with traveling always caters to most of the female viewers but it's not the typical travel chick flick you would expect. Filled up with unreasonable sentiments of dismay, the whole journey feels like a slog with a Lonely Planet written by Euripides.

    I would like to express my condolences to you if you have ever met anyone as needy and clingy as the lead role in the movie. The character is the last person you would ever want to befriend in real life. Even though the heart breaker Juliet Roberts works at the height of her charm and delivers top-notched acting, the role is no more than a bore.

    The movie could instill pessimistic emotion in any viewer with a normal psyche. "Eat", "pray" and "love" are all the most beautiful things to do in life but the movie cruelly ruined them all. For those who are suffering slight depression, please take my advice: keep the movie at a distance unless you wish to develop your unhappiness into a depressive disorder.

    On my one to ten movie scale, I give "Eat Pray Love" a FOUR.